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The residential complex "Belgravia Apartments" is located in one of the elite areas of the city of Sofia - Lozenets district, Vitosha VEC Simeonovo - an area with predominantly new construction, and a quiet and comfortable living environment.
The fast car access to Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. and the future extension of Angel Karaliychev St., providing a direct connection to Cherni Vrah Blvd., make the location with quick communication to several public service facilities, as well as to the city center, and the 3-minute walking distance from the upcoming new Metro station will make the complex the preferred choice of the many fans of high-speed transport for fast travel to all points in the city. Several private and municipal kindergartens, schools, universities, supermarkets, and pharmacies are available within a radius of 5-10 minutes on foot.
The location of the complex about the surrounding future, under construction, and existing buildings, provides it with generous distances and an extensive space without shadows, as well as guaranteed views of Vitosha and the cityscape of Sofia. The area offers a peaceful living environment, away from the noise and dynamics of the road arteries. In the immediate vicinity, there are many places for sports, recreation, and a healthy lifestyle, and a large city park that is about to be built and improved is just a few meters away.
Many public works and infrastructural improvements in the area, which are to be implemented in the next 2-3 years, turn "Belgravia Apartments" into a project with exceptional potential for one of the most preferred premium complexes for living in the city of Sofia.